Work Experience

Work Experience is in Year 12.

Year 12 Work Experience will occur on the week beginning Monday 11th July 2016

IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO REMEMBER – If you are arranging your OWN PLACEMENT then you must bring three key pieces of information to your work experience co-ordinator at school.

These are as follows:

  • Employer’s name,
  • Contact name (very important)
  • Contact telephone number

These must be provided on a named piece of paper as soon as the placement has been fully agreed. Your work experience co-ordinator will then exchange this information for your student PIN card which will enable you to enter the details on to the web view system. This can take place any time from now on and MUST BE COMPLETED BY [DATE TO BE CONFIRMED] for those placements outside Kent/Medway and by [DATE TO BE CONFIRMED] for those within Kent/Medway.

Freqently Asked Questions

Q. What is work-related learning?

A. It is a planned activity which uses the context of work to develop skills, knowledge and understanding which will be useful in work life.

Q. Who organises the work experience placements?

A. The Medway Business Education Partnership (MEBP) organise work experience placements on behalf of the school. Students and parents can organise their own placments, but they must be subject to MEBP’s Health & Safety checks.

Q. Can parents and students organise their own work experience placements?

A. Yes, some students and parents organise their own placement, but they must be subject to MEBP’s Health and Safety checks. Self-organised placement outside of Kent must be entered on to MEBP’s Webview system by {date to be confirmed] those inside Kent & Medway by [date to be confirmed.]

Q. When are parents and students notified of their placements?


Q. Do students get a choice of placements?

Yes, they can make up to four selections in order of preference. Almost all will be allocated one of these, depending on availability. The only problems that might arise are when the selected placement falls through for an unforeseen reason and the other choices are already taken – but this is rare occurrence.

Q. What should I do if my son/daughter doesn’t like the placement he/she has been offered?

A. We encourage students to stick to what they are offered. We believe that students won’t know what a placement hs to offer unless they give it a go. The idea is to get an experience of a work place and the people within it, not necessarily to get the experience to kick-start a future career. They are likely to learn just as much from a placement that is a little outside their expectations and comfort zone, as from one within. If students are adamant that their placement is unsuitable then please email the school on The earlier this is done, the more likely it is that MEBP can do something about it. If it is left to the last minute there may be nothing that can be done.

Q. Are placements health and safety checked?

A. Yes. All work places are employers are checked by MEBP. If you organise your own placement, these must also be check by MEBP staff, which is why the deadline for organising your own placement is earlier than for those placements outside of Kent/Medway.

Q. What should I do if my son/daughter is sent home from their placement?

A. Contact the school immediately and the school will contact MEBP. Legally students are still involved in a school activity on work experience.

Q. Will my son/daughter be visited at his placement by someone from the school?

A. The WEX Co-ordinator supported by colleagues will make every attempt to contact all placements during work experience week.

Q. What is the Work Experience Diary?

A. Part of the student’s work experience commitment is that they are required to maintain a diary to record their activities and experiences, as well as the development of certain key skills. We require this record to be completed shortly after the end of the placement.

Q. How is excellent performance during the placement recognised?

A. A work experience certificate is issued to exceptional students. To receive this, students must first let employers and the school know that this is something they are interested in, and then they must complete an on line short written assignment, then there are staff interviews and more evidence is required.

Q. My son/daughter gets free school meals – will a free lunch be provided at the placement?

No – your son/daughter may need to bring a packed lunch unless the employer says otherwise.

Q. My son/daughter gets a free bus pass – will this be valid for travel to and from the placement?

A. No.