Message from the Head of Sixth Form

To become a member of the Sixth Form is to take a very important step.

You will be expected to workhard and to understand the nature of the responsibilities which you, as a senior student, have towards the whole school community. You will be expected to set a good example by way of appearance, dress, behaviour and attitude to younger pupils.

You will be regarded as a young adult and there will be greater freedom than you experienced in Years 7 to 11. If being adult means accepting responsibility for one’s own actions and taking responsibility for the welfare of others, then there is enormous scope for both boys and girls to grow into this role in the Sixth Form at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School.

If you are committed to further study and if you wish to make a positive contribution to the school, to maintain its standards and traditions, I shall be delighted to consider an application from you. 

Mr K Bailey