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A Level Results 2018

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A Level Results 2018

It has been a superb year for sixth formers at the Rochester Math School. The 173 Year 13 students who collected their results enjoyed considerable success.

11.5% of all grades awarded were at A*, while over 35% of all grades secured by these senior students were at  A*-A grade.    

35 students, 20% of the year group, gained 3 or 4 A*/A grades. 9 youngsters secured 3 or 4 A* grades alone.

The average points per entry, a measure of the average grade per A level taken, is 39.04, a B+, which is equal to the highest ever achieved by students at the school.

Remarkably, 75 students (43% of the year group) avoided any grade lower than a B.   

These results mean that students have made significant progress over the two year A level programme relative to their starting point at the end of their GCSE courses. Our progress measure places the school in the top 25% nationally.

The Russell Group and Oxbridge university hopefuls from the school had particular cause for celebration.

The top performing students are John Morley (Imperial College, Geophysics) who gained 4 A* grades, followed by Amrit Attra (Cambridge, Natural Sciences), Matthew Chen (Cambridge, Economics), Harrison Harris (Cambridge, Computer Science), Arjun Jhaj (Durham, Mathematics), and Anna Worthy (Manchester, Physics),  who all gained 3 A* and 1 A grade. Jacob Coulson (LSE, Finance) and Evgeny Gurin (LSE, International Relations and History) both gained 1 A* and 3 A grades, while James Friend (Durham, PPE) secured 2 A*, 1 A and 1 B grade. Samuel Baldock (Durham, Politics) gained 1 A*, 2 A and 1 B grade. Sean Shirley-Smith (to be decided) achieved 3 A and 1 B grade. Dylan Beaver (Surrey, Psychology), Thomas Mancini (Nottingham, English) and Michael Parker (Imperial, Mechanical Engineering) all gained 3 A* grades.   Matthieu Martin (Nottingham, English) secured 2 A and 2 B grades, while Ryan Obee (to be decided) gained 1 A* and 3 B grades. Jasmine Bennett (Edinburgh, English), James Casey (Bath, Biomedical Science), Luka Humphries (Durham, Mathematics), Liam McSwiney (Warwick, Mathematics) and Harman Mlait (Nottingham, Economics)  all gained 2 A* and 1 A grade. Ruby Finneran (to be decided) achieved 1 A and 3 B grades. 

Headteacher and Interim CEO Eliot Hodges said ‘I’m delighted and proud of what our students have achieved. They have worked enormously hard and it’s been a privilege to witness what they’ve done’.  

Chair of Governors Steve Brightman said ‘The students of the Math have done it again and triumphed in reformed A level courses that are more demanding than ever before. Well done to them all and their dedicated  teachers’. 


GCSE Results Summer 2018

Year 11 students at the Rochester Math School celebrated a year of superb results this week.

In the new benchmark ‘Progress 8’ measure, the school expects to achieve +0.5. This means that, on average, students have achieved approaching half a grade better each than expected in each of their subjects.

Nearly half of all grades were at 7-9 or A*/A level.

99% achieved a good pass in English and Mathematics, while 90% gained a strong pass in both subjects. The average grade per GCSE course taken by the students is a B+.

59% of all grades in Mathematics were at the top 7-9 band, and 46% of those in English.

The average grade achieved across the ‘Ebacc’ group of subjects was 6.3, also a B+.

The ‘Attainment 8’ measure, average pupil achievement across 8 qualifications, including English and maths and at least 3 other English Baccalaureate qualifications is 66.

The highest individual performances were recorded by Mark Robinson with 11 grade 9, followed by Anirudh Manivannan with 10 grade 9 and 1 A grade, and then Abhay Attra with 9 grade 9 and 2 grade 8. Aaron Aggarwal gained 8 grade 9 and 3 grade 8, while Harvey Chandler secured 8 grade 9, 2 grade 8 and 1 grade 7. Aaditya Aaditya gained 9 grade 9, 1 grade 8 and 1 grade 6. Karolis Banys obtained 9 grade 9, 1 A and 1 grade 7, and Oscar Rendall Todd achieved 7 grade 9, 2 grade 8 and 1 grade B. Max Eatwell secured 7 grade 9, 1 A, 1 grade 8 and 2 grade 7. Patrick Hemingway gained 5 grade 9, 1 A, 4 grade 8 and 1 grade 6, while Jon Webb obtained 6 grade 9, 1 A, 2 grade 8, 1 grade 7 and 1 grade 6.  

Overall, 43 students, over a quarter of the whole year group, avoided any grade lower than a 6.   

Eliot Hodges, Interim CEO and  Headteacher, said ‘I am thrilled for all our hard-working students. Today’s results represent the culmination of two years of focus and effort from the youngsters and their teachers, doing harder, reformed courses. I’m particularly delighted that so many exceeded their target grades because this places our students in a very strong position for sixth form study, which has also become more demanding’.

Chair of Governors Steve Brightman said ‘These results are splendid and a testament to what engaged students and outstanding teachers can achieve together. They represent another great year for the school’