Prospective Year 12 Physics Students

Information for Prospective Year 12 Physics Students

To prepare for next year please download the Summer Work booklet below (Chapters 0-13) and the accompanying letter. The work is to be completed and brought in on your first day in Year 12. 

You will be expected to download the electronic copy of this document during induction week,  print it out and bind it / hole punch and use treasury tags.

In addtition to this the instructions for accessing Isaac Physics are:

Follow link to Isaac Physics :

Set up an account which requires an email address and a password that you make up.

Then follow these instructions:

Students to enter the following code into the Teacher Connections tab on their My Account page:


(The group you have joined is called Y12 Induction 2018)

You are now linked to this school as a student and can access the assignments that have been set, and also explore the more challenging questions that are available up to university standard.

Please attempt these problems in order to familiarise yourself with how the site work.  We will be able to see your progress, but not know how many attempts you have had at each question – so feel free to make errors!

Good luck on results day and we look forward to seeing you in September. 

Mr Worthy

Page Documents Date  
0-Introduction 03rd Jul 2017 Download
01-Distance and Displacement 03rd Jul 2017 Download
02-Displacement time graphs 03rd Jul 2017 Download
03-Velocity time graphs 03rd Jul 2017 Download
04-More motion graphs 03rd Jul 2017 Download
05-Acceleration Calculations 03rd Jul 2017 Download
06-Calculating displacement from AVT Gra... 03rd Jul 2017 Download
07-Newtons Laws of Motion 03rd Jul 2017 Download
08-Resultant force 03rd Jul 2017 Download
09-Work done and Power 03rd Jul 2017 Download
10-Current and Voltage 03rd Jul 2017 Download
11-Ohms Law and resistance 03rd Jul 2017 Download
12-Electrical Energy & Power 03rd Jul 2017 Download
13-Answers to questions 03rd Jul 2017 Download
Letter to Prospective Yr 12 Students 06th Jul 2018 Download