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Welcome to SJWMS BBC School Report.  Our dedicated news team meets every Wednesday after-school to gather and report on news that is relevant to our students.  You can also find us by looking on the BBC School Report website and finding us on their school map!

On Thursday 7th March 2019, SJWMS Young Reporters completed a full day of reporting for their real BBC News Day.  They were dedicated, hardworking and great team players, helping each other every step of the way.  They worked hard to produce this year's news programme covering the following topics:  World Book Day 2019, the cult of the celebrity, a rise in knife crime in the UK, VAR in sport and should the internet be more tightly censored? 

See our 2019 news programme here:

Please read our articles produced from today's news day:

World Book Day 2019 by Adam and Ciaran

The Cult of the Celebrity: do they get away with serious crime due to their celebrity status? By Josh and Cullen

The Rise of Knife Crime in Kent by Max

VAR by Zach M

On Thursday 7th February, the SJWMS BBC School Report team completed a practice news day.  This means working as a team to create a full news programme including a range of topics.  This requires extensive research, filming interviews and creating articles, and a lengthy editing process.  The students worked tirelessly all day to produce a packed programming including items such as: Does social media affect your mental health (Fortnite and Instagram), should the school day begin later (at 10am)? Alongside this, some new recruits to the team discuss recent Youtubers toppling from fame.  Please find our full news programme on our YouTube.  Link to Feb. 2019 programme:

February 2019 Practice News Day articles:

READ Fortnite and Addiction - Max and Matthew

READ: Social Media: Helping or Harming - Adam H

READ: King of YouTube almost over thrown - Bailey S

READ: Should Schools start at 10am? - Cullen W, Ognyan R and Joshua A.

Watch our News Day 2018 programme here:

Read our News Day 2018 articles here:

READ Can Tech Save Lives - Ognyan R.

READ Coca Cola Alcopops - Aadesh G

READ The Greatest Showman Review - Adam GN

On Thursday 25th January 2018, we completed our practice news day.  We spent the day creating a full news programme as a team covering all kinds of topics from terrorism to cloning.  Please see our recent programme here:

Read our articles from our practice news day here:

READ Advances in Cloning (Matthew R)

READ Computer Chips like Human Brains (Ognyan R)

READ Logan Paul Suicide Forest (Harvey R)

READ North Korea (Aadesh G)

READ Save the Children Attacked (Aadesh G)

READ School Gunman (Ognyan R)

Our past work has included interviewing the Olympic Gold Medalists the Brownlee brothers, visiting the Human Research Labs and interviewing Paralympic Gold Medalist David Weir, being interviewed by Ian Palmer from the BBC and visiting The Guardian newspaper to create our very own newspaper front pages.

For all of the reports SJWMS BBC School Report have made recently, please see our Youtube Channel: 

Keep checking for updates!  Our top older stories can be found further down this page, and the rest are on the second tab called ‘BBC School Report Archive’.

2017 Election Special.  Our school reporters have created a 2017 Election Special with the leaders of the top 4 parties explaining what their party will do for our country.  Who would you vote for?  Watch at

SJWMS BBC School Report March News Day.  Today, we spent the day researching, writing and filming news!  We have created 2 news programmes, which can be found on our YouTube Channel, and 6 articles.  Watch and subscribe for updates, and read our articles below. 

Articles from March 2017 News Day:

On 10th March 2016, we took part in the BBC School Report real news day.  We had to meet a tight deadline and get all of our stories uploaded by 2pm that day.

The School Report team has covered a wide range of topics from their interview with gold Paralympic medallist David Weir and their tour of the Human Research Labs, to insights on the controversial issue of whether tackling in school rugby should be banned.  We've also covered Sport Relief, Tim Peake's space mission, whether technology is overpriced and much more.

Please read our articles and watch our videos below!





READ GSK David Weir article (Harvey C)

READ Sport Relief starts at the Math (Harvey C)

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