Frequently Asked Questions

How much do lessons cost?

Our latest prices can be found on the application forms which can be downloaded here 

Do we need to hire an instrument?

If you do not have an instrument at home, you will need to hire one to practise on.  The exception is drum kit, which we do not hire out but students may talk to the drum teacher about practising on the school drum kits.  For lessons on piano, drums, cello and double bass, lessons can take place on the school instruments with no extra charge.  For other instruments, students will need to bring their own instrument in each week.  If this is difficult it is possible to hire a school instrument to leave at school and use for lessons.

How do we pay for the lessons?

Payments for the lessons are made directly to the instrumental teacher.  The teacher will invoice you when payments are due and give you details of how the payments can be made.  It is important that payments are made promptly.  Otherwise lessons may be discontinued.

How do we pay for Instrument hire?

Payments for hire are made to the school.  We will invoice you at the start of each term.  These payments must be made on Wisepay.  Go to ‘Shop’ and then to Instrument Hire.  You will then need to enter the invoice number and payment amount yourself.

What if my son/daughter cannot make the lesson?

If a student is unable to attend a lesson, please contact the teacher directly as soon as you know about the absence.  If the teacher is informed in advance, they may be able to reschedule the lesson but this cannot be guaranteed.  Although we try to keep teachers informed of school trips as far as possible, please note that it is your son’s responsibility to tell his instrumental teacher the week before if he has a trip on the same day as his lesson.  If your son has a long-term absence, please ensure that the teacher is informed.  

What if the teacher is absent from the lesson?

If the teacher is absent, you will not be charged for the lesson.  The teacher will keep a record of the number of lessons received and will ensure that the full 10 lessons are given before the next invoice is sent out.  As there are more than 30 weeks in the school year, it is nearly always possible to complete the 30 lessons in the year, even if the teacher is occasionally absent.  In the event of long term absence, you will be informed of the situation and a refund will be made, or an alternative teacher provided.

How do I contact the teacher?

You will normally be given contact details for the teacher when the lessons begin.  If you do need to contact the teacher and do not have access to their contact details, please contact the Music Office.

How do I cancel the lessons?

You must give 5 lessons notice of cancellation. You must notify the teacher directly if you wish to cancel.  They will then confirm when the cancellation can take effect and how much is owing.

How do I cancel the hire?

The instrument must be returned to the Music Office or to the instrumental teacher.  Please ensure that the student informs a member of the music staff when they return the instrument.  

How does my son get a music card?

He should ask at the music office.  

What about music exams?

Students have the option to take Grade exams on their instrument.  The teacher will discuss this with you when he or she feels the student is ready.  You can then make the decision whether to enter the exam.  Exam fees and accompanist fees must be paid by the student or parent.  

Do I get any feedback on how my son’s lessons are going?

All teachers will give some feedback about the lessons.  This may take the form of an annual report, availability at school parents’ evenings or regular emails informing you of the student’s progress.  If you have any concerns, please contact the teacher directly.

My query has not been answered here.  How do I get in touch?

For general queries email

For music specific queries email:  phone: 07860 505693