Music Lessons


Instrumental / Singing lessons

Students at the school have the opportunity to take individual music lessons through The Math Music Academy. 

13 qualified and experienced peripatetic music teachers visit the school each week offering lessons on a wide variety of instruments to students of all abilities from beginner to advanced.Singing lessons are also offered.

Weekly lessons last either 20 or 30 minutes and take place during the school day.  Lessons will predominantly be on the same day each week but the time varies, to avoid the same subjects regularly being missed.  Lesson times are displayed on a notice board at the entrance to the Music Department.A limited number of lesson slots are available after school on some instruments.

The Music Department is well-equipped with 10 purpose-built practice rooms, maintained to a high standard, 2 professional Yamaha pianos, a dedicated drum room, secure guitar store, instrument store cupboard, recording studio, 3 large teaching classrooms used for ensemble work and a dedicated music administration office.

The Music Academy has a wide range of instruments for hire at reasonable rates for those who do not have their own instrument.Instruments are regularly maintained and kept in good playing condition.

Music Lessons for Family and Friends

Through our Outreach Scheme, family and friends and students at other schools are able to enjoy the same excellent facilities and take lessons with the Math Music Academy.  This can be a great opportunity to learn a musical instrument for the first time or resume tuition on an instrument you used to play.  These lessons normally take place after school hours.

Some of our teachers also visit Tunbury Primary School and St. Andrew’s School, where a range of instrumental lessons are offered.

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